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Research & Development


Cardiovascular diseases—including heart attacks, strokes, and peripheral vascular disease represent the most prevalent causes of death in developed countries. That means that any innovative cardiovascular PET imaging procedures would be of benefit for patients.


Piramal Imaging is investigating 18F-GP1, a small fluorine-18-labeled molecule for detection of activated platelets during thrombus formation. 18F-GP1 is currently in phase I of clinical development.

Preclinical results have been published recently

Source: Journal of Nuclear Medicine Cover Image, July 1, 2017; 58(7). The cover image is artwork presented in Lohrke et al. (2017) reporting about “18F-GP1, a Novel PET Tracer Designed for High-Sensitivity, Low-Background Detection of Thrombi”

For additional information see also the accompanying SNMMI press release.

Selected publications on 18F-GP1:

Ongoing clinical trials 18F-GP1

  • Safety, Pharmacokinetics, Biodistribution, and Diagnostic Performance of [18F]GP1 PET in Thromboembolism (NCT02864810)