Our Values

Knowledge Action Care

At the Piramal Group, our core values of Knowledge, Action and Care have been an integral part of our guiding philosophy. Values are what connects and divides us as human beings. As deeply held beliefs, shaped by tradition and collective experience, they determine how we engage with others, what we identify with, what we value, what we love, and what we deem worth fighting for.




Our core values are applied across everything we do – even down to the design of our logo.


The Piramal community has adopted the ancient, universal symbol of the Gyan Mudra as its brand icon.

The Gyan Mudra is an aesthetic hand posture practiced in yoga, meditation, and dance for more than 3,000 years. The thumb and index finger are brought together in gentle contact, while all other fingers gently move forward. The three fingers in their varying formations symbolize our core values of knowledge, action, and care.

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