About Us
About Us

Business Development & Licensing

Piramal Imaging has a history of successful research, clinical, and commercial collaborations with university and research institutions, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical partners throughout the world. Piramal Imaging offers collaborators and partners the expertise and means with which to develop and market a medical imaging product (or diagnostic) alone or in conjunction with a related therapeutic.

As a small entrepreneurial organization focused solely in the area of imaging (and diagnostic), we can address and respond to the needs of our collaborators and partners in a flexible and timely manner without the concerns of any conflict of interest, particularly for our therapeutic focused partners. We are open to various forms of collaborations depending on the needs of our collaborators and the demands of the proposed projects.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with you on our beta-amyloid PET tracer, Florbetaben F18, as well as with any of our pipeline molecular imaging agents. Should you have an interest to collaborate with Piramal Imaging or have a product that you feel may be of interest to us, please send us your contact information and a brief summary of your type and area of interest.

For Business Development and Licensing inquiries, please contact us at bd.imaging@piramal.com

Thank you for your interest in Piramal Imaging.